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Simona is ready to melt in your arms. At first glance, it seems cunning and mystical, but in reality it is very tender and loving. Her warm chest loves affection. Simona bewitches with one glance only, can you resist? This black-haired beauty is the pearl of our escort agency. She is native of Bulgaria, but sometimes she looks like a German because of her passionate heart. She has incredible cute smile and she always tries to be a pleasant for people. She is so hot, Simona can attract everybody. Look at her amazing tone of skin, make a touch, kiss this girl as nobody else and she will do everything you want. She like to wake up man with passionate kiss or even more. She will be waiting for your actions, do something for her just once and she will surprise you many times.

Her is hair as night and eyes are beautiful as a stars. Most of all she likes champagne and fruits. Her amazing body was created for love. Simona from Escort in Berlin always repeats that there is no more a gentle woman in this place except her. She will show you a real woman wildness, that you never saw before. She can brighten up the dark night by her sexy movements. She likes the silence and the slow classic music, it helps to create her own atmosphere for passion. Imagine just how versatile this woman is and ask yourself whether you will be able to resist her charms. Do not be afraid to change your destiny forever, you will not forget the time spent with her!