24 h escortservice in Berlin
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The term AC / DC means nothing more than bisexuality  in colloquial language. In the escort of Berlin, AC/DC is a sexual attraction for both men and women.
Anal sex or the so-called “Greek” sex is a sexual practice that is often used in the escort of Berlin. In this sexual practice, a male member is inserted into the anus of a woman. Anal stimulation, as a rule, is very pleasant if the penetration is respectively soft and the anal muscles are not too tense.
Butt plug is a sex toy that resembles a dildo and serves to be inserted into the anus, where it remains due to its special shape at the base.
The term AO sex means "all without." This implies that all sexual acts are performed without a condom. This is especially attractive to many people and therefore very popular.
Today the term BDSM in literature is the general name for a group of people who share sexual preferences with each other. This is also sadomasochism or SM (BDSM). Another name for BDSM is, for example, leather sex.
What you mean by escort service can be left to the imagination, because there is hardly to find a desire that escort support could not read from the eyes.
Bisexuality or ambisexuality refers to a person’s sexual orientation towards both sexes. Bisexuality is colloquially referred to as "bi."
Many men will give a lot to be allowed to experience a really good blowjob. Almost every man loves to be spoiled by oral sex partner, and blowjob is very dependent on sexual preferences.
The term slavery comes from the English language and has the mean of bondage and slavery. In BDSM, these practices, which serve to deprive and restrict freedom of movement, are very popular.  
A brothel is a place that has existed for several centuries, because women and men have sexual relations, and other services have a certain tradition in the sexual sphere.
The woman’s chest awakens all the sensual and erotic fantasies of every man that they are allowed to stroke naked breasts. That's what men want.
The call girl will be from an escort agency or organized by it.  This is done for a fee at the agreed time. A call girl offers her company to a gentleman in Berlin. Supposed escort to a restaurant, a visit to the theater, as a companion or the like. Today, these services are also used to have erotic or sexual contact.
Speaking of cream pie, they describe a certain technique or porn technology. In this case the seminal fluid after ejaculation in a man leaves the vagina or from the anus. Cream pie (creampie), therefore, implies that sperm is injected into or into a partner.
Deep Throat is the name of an oral sex practice. Literal translation means "deep throat." In colloquial speech also often speak about  throat. In this practice the entire penis is inserted into the throat.
A subordinate is a person who is submissive to his partner in sexual matters. Sex doesn't matter here. Sexual arousal and sexual attraction are caused by pleasure pains.
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