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Hotels in Berlin

If you have to stay in Berlin, it will be extremely easy to find a place. The city has more than 500 hotels and more than 1000 hostels, motels and apartments. You can choose both inexpensive hostel for 10-30 euros / night and luxury hotels for 100-200 euros / night.

In Berlin, you can also find non-standard hotels. For example, “Propeller Island City Lodge”, designed with a surreal style. At this hotel you will find rooms with sloping floors and a “mirror room”. In this hotel you may be offered to sleep in a coffin or in a cage instead of a bed.

If you are committed to a more classic holiday, the “Steigenberger Hotel Berlin”, “Hotel Berlin”, “Artim Hotel”, “Eurostars Berlin” and many other hotels in central Berlin are ideal. If you prefer a more stylish hotels, check out the “Hilton” or “InterContinental Berlin”. These luxurious hotels with large rooms and huge chandeliers will satisfy even the most sophisticated tourist.

If you like art, the “Arte Luise Kunsthotel” is ideal for you. The entire interior of this hotel was decorated by more than 50 painters and designers. This hotel can even be considered as a museum of modern art. Each hall, room, floor, have a unique style. The bizarre interweaving of different styles, eras, attributes of different countries makes this hotel unique in its kind.

If you used to luxury, you like to relax in the company of movie stars or pop stars – we recommend that you choose the “Ritz-Carlton Hotel”. Truly royal interior design, exquisite materials and impeccable service. In this hotel often stay politicians, singers, businessmen and movie stars.

Thus, in Berlin you can find a hotel for every taste. From affordable hostels to VIP royal-style hotels with chic, spacious rooms.