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Urination has a lot of fans. Urination is also referred to as champagne or "golden rain." In addition to the tendency to play with urine, in which, for example, urine is poured directly on a sexual partner, they take urine, which is often called the golden shower.  
The term golden rain in colloquial speech is in the field of erotic expression for urine.
Everyone has heard about this concept, many know it personally, few are committed to it. What is the special charm of One Night Stand and what is worth paying attention to?  
The term “oral sex” is a general term for certain sexual practices. In this case, the sexual partner stimulates or caresses the genitals of the other with his lips, teeth or tongue. Most oral sex is considered a very sexual way to bring a partner to orgasm. But sexual prelude can be oral sex if both partners love it and can fully devote themselves.
Dogging. The world of eroticism is diverse and opens in every conceivable direction. Each person has certain preferences and wants to live them throughout his life. Sex in public places can be one way to revitalize your sex life and thereby bring new life to your life.
Swing. Partner exchange is a sexual practice in which two couples in a faithful relationship exchange sexual partners.
The word "perversion" comes from Latin and means a turn or conversion. Often this term is used in the sexual sphere. Perversion refers to abnormal behavior, such as: As with sexual dysfunctions or sexual impulses that do not meet the standard.  
If you are looking for night breaks or sensual accompaniment during the day, attractive private models are the right choice. They attract attention with their beauty in nightclubs, bars or restaurants where they work.
The term “quik” comes from the English language. It is so called because of the very quickly practiced sexual intercourse. Here, sexual desire is quickly satisfied.
It is known that sex techniques and sex practices can serve at very different times. Rimming is a very good example for this, because it can be a prelude, and at the same time serve as an actual action. Rimming itself comes from the gay scene, although it has long been widely known and used in the modern erotic world.
Role-playing games are a very pleasant way to revitalize your personal life a little. Partners play different roles and play in situations that are considered very exciting.
Russian sex is usually distinguished between two things. On the one hand, Russian sex is the so-called thigh sex, here neither the anus nor the vagina penetrate. On the other hand, Russian sex can also be an oil massage in which no action is performed.
Sadism and sadomasochism can be divided into three categories. Sadism in sex describes people who feel like hurting others.
A sandwich is a special sex practice between two men and a woman. In this case, the man enters the woman’s vagina, and the other into her anus.
A slave is the property of her master or her lover. Only its owner determines what to do. As part of an SM relationship or role-playing game, she also gives her sexual self-determination to her rule. It is important that in intensive discussions they agree in advance what kind of slave she wants to be and where her borders are.