24 h escortservice in Berlin


Take your friend with benefits to a swingers club

But in the city never sleeps. After people finished work and you really can do nothing outside it’s time for the swingers club. The perfect place to meet new people but without the problem a regular love affair could create. But what if you are not in the relationship at the moment or your girlfriend doesn’t like that kind of casual encounter? One option is to go by yourself but you would look kind a weird by showing up in a swinger club as a single man.  We have a number of escort girls who are attracted to women and a men and would love to go with you to a swingers club. Hey swinger party can be really fun variety of options will blow your mind. You of course can go also with your girlfriend but there’s always the problem of jealousy. But that won’t happen if you go with a professional adult entertainer.

The Erotic Oasis or Strip Club

Perfect for any bachelor party birthday celebrations or a crazy night out. It is not always about sex and getting late. It is. First of all it’s about the fun and the ambience. You could watch the girls taking off their clothes or maybe watch two girls making out and whenever you feel to participate simply ask if you can join. Seriously what could be more entertaining than watching 2 hot girls eating each other? And if you are a kind person you probably would help them. Girls who like girls as well and eat yummy pussy sometimes need to have a dick around while eating pussy. And when I ask them why they answered so I don’t feel like a lesbian and even if they suck only for a couple minutes in between on your dick but those couple of minutes are important to them. 

Casual encounter with escort girls are Guaranteed fun

Why should you play by the rules of modem dating? A lot of woman go on a date for at least five times before they give it up. Even if they want to have sex they still want give it up just because it is a new social rule and they believe it’s necessary to play the game. If you all of them might even believe to appear even more interesting if they play hard to get. But the truth is that someone who plays the game is actually not interesting at all and this is why they have to do it. Basically a woman who plays the game is a waste of time and if you finally get in her panties you will find out how boring she is. And just think of all the money you spend in restaurants and bars for nothing. That won’t happen if you have a casual encounter with a professional adult entertainer. Nothing speaks against a drink at the bar. You of course can sit for a while and just have a few laughs but after that you will get this would you need, with playing games.

A traditional escort girl

The traditional escort business started probably thousands of years ago. It is common knowledge that a beautiful woman will draw all the attention at her and becomes the center of a conversation. She is a great distraction and shifts the attention from negative to positive.

There is no record of the first escort girl ever but I can imagine thousands of years ago 2 tribe leader where in negotiating a peace treaty and I can also perfectly imagine that one of the tribe leaders brought a beautiful woman with him just to distract the other tribes chief and to draw the attention away from the bad deal he offered. She was just sitting there on the table with them or maybe they didn’t even had a table so they were just sitting on the floor anyway she was just there with her presence and looking beautiful. That presents changed the energy from negative to positive and the deal was signed.

I don’t know if she was also sucking dick afterwards but I don’t even think so. But I’m pretty sure that the chief with the escort girl had now a whole new approach of making deals and laughing his ass off.

Strip clubs

Strip clubs in Germany are much more fun then in LA, Miami or New York even Las Vegas and not that keep up with Berlin. As you know prostitution is not legal in the US besides Las Vegas and  therefor the only city offering escort service legally is Las Vegas. The standards of those adult entertainment clubs and bars is very high and the girls are outstanding but the downside is the price point and the service you can get.

Everything is pretty much limited to a minimum and a gigantic scam for my opinion there just to many rules and yellow lines. If you did a tour through Berlin’s adult entertainment clubs and bars you will agree immediately. The adult entertainment clubs in Berlin are maybe not that overwhelming in design but you anyway don’t go there to see an awesome building or lavish decorated interior design. You go there for the pussy right? And this is what you going to get, pussy! The strippers are actually just the decoration and the ambience the main part is sex and if you don’t have a voyeuristic interest only you don’t care about the other dancers or life shows much anyway. You are there to get in touch with a sexual servant in an erotic environment

The variety of girls is outstanding

12 Berlin is of course a metropolitan and so you’ll meet people from all over the world here in Berlin. Besides the traditional German Fräulein you can find here gorgeous women from all different European countries. From cute Asian girls to exotic south American hottie you can have the perfect girlfriend experience matching you desire. So it’s not just about finding a cute blonde girl or a hot redhead you actually can jump hear from continent to continent without leaving the city. Everything is possible and you should explore the variety of professional adult entertainers while visiting Berlin. If you live in a serious relationship and you don’t want to cheat on your girlfriend or wife you can also take one of our charming German Fräulein out for dinner or for a drink. But if the sex part is important to you as well you can of course take it up to be a hotel room and do what you can do with your wife or girlfriend. Professional adult entertainers might have the same fetish as you have. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to play with a German Fräulein

Simply have a great time and enjoy the journey

But you don’t have to take our professional adult entertainer or escort girl out for dinner if you have just a sexual interest in her. There’s nothing wrong with it. You can break through all the social boundaries and just take her straight to your hotel room and have sex with her in all different positions. To skip through all the social rules and expectations is the best part by dating a professional adult entertainer. Just imagine you’re in a supermarket and there is right in front of you at the checkout and a stunningly beautiful woman. Now you are trying to get her into a conversation within minutes because the line is moving fast you don’t have much time. Even if everything works out just fine and you got her number you don’t know if she would answer the phone when you called up. Now let me ask you this? Wouldn’t that be a perfect world if you simply ask her directly what her plans are for the afternoon and if she got time you would like to go with her straight to your place and have sex with her. You can actually do that and believe it or not it will work but how many times do you have to do that before you will have the success you want to have? But are you going to do it in real life at the supermarket you visit every day? By dating by dating a professional escort girl you don’t even have to ask everything is set to go from the beginning. You can invite her directly to your house or hotel room and without saying the word you can start having fun.

Just take her where ever you want

At your house or hotel room you have a relaxed atmosphere but how about going with your cute blonde girl or a hot redhead call girl on a public place? Have you ever done it at a public place like a dressing room in a shopping mall or a restroom in a hole in the wall down town pub? Maybe secretly while your wife is shopping in the very same mall. That is actually a good idea maybe as a payback for fucking around with you and getting constantly on your nerves. Keep that in mind that’s a good idea.

Perfect payback

13 I have to go back to the dressing room story. It’s more as I think about it it comes clear that that is the perfect payback for a woman who cheated on you with your best friend. Or if you have one of those ditzy girls right now who wants to go shopping with you all the time but she is not ready to give it up yet. Simply go in advance through our photo gallery and pick the right sexual servant which would upset her the most and as soon as you are at the shopping mall again you call us and we will send her over immediately. Just make sure that the ditzy girl will walk into the right dressing room right on time while you get your cock sucked. Just pretend that it’s the most normal  thing in the world and it won’t take long honey you could tell her as well that the escort girl is at least this honest to give you a price for her service and the ditzy girl is just a barrel without bottom.