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Susanna is starting as an escort-girl. Interesting personality that can be described as charismatic, free-spirited, and mysterious. She catches a lot of hate, because she tries half as hard and is twice as appealing as the other girls. She never feels confused speaking to new people. She is beautiful without being transparent, charming, kind and laidback, unlike the girls who want to be her. If you are looking for a girl that makes a difference, just call her.  You will find comprehension and total dedication  and moments of total relaxation!

This young girl has quite extensive interests  such as modeling and fashion. Susanna`s natural beauty is a source of envy for her colleagues, as she effortlessly exudes stylishness. Everything wears well on her, and she compliments her tight clothes with attention-grabbing accessories. Unlike the other girls Susanna never tries too hard. She relies on her natural beauty and her instincts to get her regard.

Susanna prefers older men, she believes that older men know how to treat a woman unlike to younger men can be rude, rough and rushed. She’s a licensed massage therapist and would be happy to relax all of your muscles except one. She will like massaging your love muscle with her pretty mouth. She’s a sensual lover and appreciates a man who takes his time and enjoys every moment. Such girl like Susanna can be once in a lifetime experience, so don’t miss a chance to meet a person, who will make your fantasies come true. Let`s spoil yourself!