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Luna is a Rubens girl from Bulgaria and now working as full time Berlin escort. Luna has butter like smooth skin, full bosom and great figure. We bet you won’t be able to resist her once she appears in lingerie. Luna loves the night life in Berlin and knows where the main action happens. Hence, if you are looking for a cool chic for party; then Luna is the right escort to contact. After having a blast in the party, she will invite you to any apartment where both of you can get lost in each other making love. In-case, you want a piece of mind, then Luna will invite you to apartment where she will make you comfortable first, then will come into your arms so that you can love her from top to bottom. Luna does not wait a second to take off her clothes as soon as you are alone. She like to show her big sexy body to you and likes every moment of your sweet kisses. Her escort service is quite simple. It includes whole body kissing and then having pleasure through KS positions or missionary one.
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